Moving contents from Droid4x virtual machine

For the users of Droid4X, here is how you can move/copy files from Droid4X to Windows or vice versa. To be honest moving files in and out of Droid4X was much easier than any other android emulators I have used.

This is made easy for us since Droid4X has a built-in feature to share a folder from windows into the android virtual machine. I have listed the steps below.

Have a look.

  1. Click on the settings button (the icon shown below). 

  1.   Click on the share folder button located at the bottom.
Preferences dialog
  1. Now you will be prompted to select the folder you want to share. Select the folder you want to share. 

  1. Well now the folder is shared. The emulator itself opens the file manager with the shared folder. But we think that you should know the location.

The location is:

This folder acts as the shared folder. If you move a file into this folder it will be shared between your virtual machine and PC. There you go.

Also there are some things that you need to know :
         You cannot copy a file when you are using a filemanager in safemode. You need to switch to root access mode.

Learn How to switch your Filemanager to Root access mode?

         Another point is that once you restart the machine your shared folder will be gone. You’ll have to do this again. And that is one thing I don’ like.