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How to Install an APK in Droid4X ?

Though you can install apps and games on Droid4X  via the play store some may prefer to install it from their offline apk. If you want to install an APK in Droid4X follow these steps :

How to switch to root access mode in Droid4X?

While using Droid4X you will have faced situations where you will be need to switch to Root access mode. This is a very easy process. Any here is a clear explanation.

How to mute notifications during night on a Windows mobile?

Many would like to have their phone suspend all notifications during the night. Manually turning sounds off and on is not a good option. Apps such as Quiet Hours doesn't work on Windows 10 mobile. Here is a way to do it.

Microsoft Services should be made globally available

I am using a Windows phone and a Windows 10 laptop. I live in India. I have noticed that a lot of Microsoft services are not present for all the countries and I could not understand why.