How to mute notifications during night on a Windows mobile?

Many would like to have their phone suspend all notifications during the night. Manually turning sounds off and on is not a good option. Apps such as Quiet Hours doesn't work on Windows 10 mobile. Here is a way to do it.
Here is how to do it. Try the built-in Quiet hours feature. It can work only with Cortana as it is a part of Cortana. When quiet hours is on, any phone calls you receive will go straight to voicemail, and all notifications will be silent (unless you've told Cortana you'd like to hear from the people in your inner circle). To turn on quiet hours during night automatically follow these steps :
  1. Go to Cortana's notebook
  2. Open Quiet hours
Cortana's notebook
  1.  Turn on Automatic rules and choose your timing
Automatic setting of quiet hours

There is much more functionality in Quiet hours like automatic replies to messages, having an inner circle, etc...

Calls and messages will be shown in action center where you can check it later. The notification will also indicate that the call was received during quiet hours.

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