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Microsoft Services should be made globally available

I am using a Windows phone and a Windows 10 laptop. I live in India. I have noticed that a lot of Microsoft services are not present for all the countries and I could not understand why.

Of course, I am not taking about Cortana which I knew cannot be brought to all countries right away. But there a lot of things which are exclusive for US or UK.For some examples I may say bing rewards, Xbox music services, or Groove music services, Local scout. Local scout works fine in my current location when I changed my country to UK (in settings).

Why is it not yet available to me?

Okay here is an another thing, the Microsoft Health app. So, if I want to pair my Microsoft band to my Lumia I had to be in UK or USA. Why? Why don't you release the app to all countries like you released the band.

The worst thing I found was the Microsoft store in India. I could not find a power bank for any Lumia. All models are Out of Stock for months. The answer I answer I got from Microsoft's customer care made me feel worse.

He told me to get a shipping address on USA. Really? Is that the solution you can offer?
Half of the products in Microsoft's store for US are not even listed here. And those accessories listed are mostly out of stock.
So to get a power bank on MS store or for using local scout or for installing Health app you just need to change your region in your device or get yourself a US SHIPPING ADDRESS.

You are now making all your services available on all platforms it seems. First make it available on all countries. If you don't want to exclusive to your own platform then stop being exclusive to a country in the world.

I think Microsoft really needs to bring all of its services globally. What do you think?