How to rename a dragon in Dragon Mania Legends

Remember that fire dragon in your game. You name it Firy if you like. Personally I wanted to call it Charizard but only names not exceeding 6 characters are allowed. :(

Alright let’s get on with how to rename a dragon. This information is also present in their FAQ but it not naturally visible in the game.
  1. The first step, the usual. Go to your dragons habitat and select the dragon you want to rename.
  2. Click on the i button located at the bottom of the screen.
    The information icon highlighted
  3. The game will now show you the information popup that will show many details such as Health, Gold produced, etc…
  4. The popup also contains options for moving the dragon to a new habitat, selling the dragon, learning at Academy and to rename the dragon.
    The information popup
  5. Click on the rename button, you will be presented with a popup as shown below.
    Rename popup
  6. Now enter a name for your dragon and click OK.
  7.  Now it is time to rename all of your dragons.