Does Windows Defender uses less battery?

Windows Defender might not the most preferred antivirus but it is a decent antivirus which is extremely light on resources. Do you know that Defender uses less resources when your laptop is running on battery? Yes, that’s true.

For quite some time I have been using Windows Defender as my primary antivirus. Today while running a Full Scan I found an interesting thing about CPU usage.

Defender usage when switching to battery
Defender usage when switching to battery
 The Windows Defender was consuming about 60% of my CPU resources when running the scan. By that time my laptop was connected to a power source. Then I unpluged my laptop and found an interesting thing, the CPU usage dropped from 60% to 50%. I plugged my laptop again and the CPU usage increased to 60%.

Defender usage when switching to AC power

I repeated this multiple times just to make sure it is not a coincidence. And everytime the CPU usage increased / decreased according to the power connectivity. I also checked all the processes running at the time of testing. The change was from Window Defender only.
Finally I can tell that Windows Defender uses less resources when your computer is running on battery.