Things to do when deleting an account online

This is a follow up of my previous post Why Should you delete your unused accounts?

Even after deleting your user account from a service not all of your deleted from the servers. And your data is still at risk.

Here are some steps you should follow while deleting your user profiles online,

1. Change Password
If you are using a password that is either reused or in any way related to other passwords you use, Change them with random characters. Some services may retain your login credentials so that they can reactivate your account when you try to login. Some services simply don’t deleted these information. It is best to change them before deleting.

2. Remove Payment methods
You do not want some one getting your payment method from a data breach on a service that you no longer follow. Remove all payment methods from your account.

3. Unsubscribe any newsletters
Some websites don’t automatically unsubscribe you when deleting your accounts. So unsubscribe to any newsletters before deleting your account.

4. Recheck public info
Some sites like Stack Overflow, etc… may retain your public posts even after you delete your accounts. SO will anonymize it and remove your username from it. But it is better to check those posts for things you want to remove. Also know what informations will be retained after your account is deleted.

5. Remove optional personal information
If possible remove some optional personal information from the profile such as bio, date of birth, etc… This ensures that the data is deleted from the database even if the profile is retained.

6. Remove Social media links
Remove all social media links from the user profiles. Revoke any permissions given to the particular service.