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How to activate DNS over HTTPS over Firefox, Chrome and Edge?

What is DNS over HTTPS? When you visit a website in a browser, the browser will send the domain name / website name to a DNS server which will return the information about the website and the location of the website server. This is called DNS lookup and is not typically secured. This allows your ISPs to see what websites you are visiting. DNS over Https allows your browser to perform this DNS lookup over a secured connection. Here are the steps to activate DNS over Https on major browsers, Enabling DNS over HTTPS in Google Chrome Go to Settings ( chrome://settings/security ) Go to Privacy & Security Settings and then select Security . Turn on the Use Secure DNS option Enabling DNS over HTTPS in  Microsoft Edge Go to Settings -> Privacy ( edge://settings/privacy ) Turn on the "Use secure DNS to specify how to lookup the network address for websites" option Enabling DNS over HTTPS in Mozilla Firefox Go to Options ( about:preferences ) In the General sectio