How to disable OEM services in Windows

Windows laptops usually come with a lot pre-installed software. Most of them are bloatware, but the software by OEM, provides some nice features as well. Things like tweaking backlight in keyboard, controlling fan speed, etc... may require the OEM software.

However, these software also run a bunch of services in the background whether or not you use it. This blog post details how to remove them or to delay start them.

  • Search for "Services" in Windows start menu and open the services app.
Note: Be careful in this app. We do not want to turn off any wrong service. If there is an unknown service it is better to leave it as it is.
  • The services from Laptop manufactures usually has their name. For example, in Asus laptop you will see the following,
  • All of these services, are set to launch with Windows and run in background. Before we start disabling them, we need to know what the service does.
  • Asus Link Near and Asus Link Remote are for linking your mobile to laptop. It is a service we will not be using so we can disable it.
  • Double click on the service name and you will receive a windows like the one below
  • Set the Startup type to disabled.
  • Now, there will be services we need. For example, we need Asus Optimization to show us little prompt about keyboard backlights, function mode, etc...
  • We would like to have this service but don't mind it starting late. So, we can set the Startup Type to "Automatic (Delayed Start)". This means that this service will start only after all the important services that are set to "Automatic" are up and running.