How to set DuckDuckGo to not save searches in browser history?

No I am not taking about the Incognito mode. There is a way to not save your search query to your browser history, if your search engine is DuckDuckGo.

Here is how you do it,
  • Go to the DuckDuckGo's Settings page and navigate to the Privacy tab. Alternatively you can click go to the link:
  • Turn off the GET requests setting. That's all.
DuckDuckGo Privacy settings

So how it works?

As you can see from the screenshot above there are two types of requests here, GET and POST. In simple terms, the GET type of requests send your search query through URL which is then saved by the browser. The data sent by POST requests are not saved by the browser.

So why isn't it used by default?

First, it causes some inconvenience to the user. For example, when you open a webpage from search result and then go back you will not go to the search result page. You will have to type the search query again for that.

Second, it only protects the data from being saved on your own computer. The data in transit is secured by HTTPS in both the cases.