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How to turn off ads in DuckDuckGo without adblockers?

Almost every website in the internet has ads (including this blog). It is not a big surprise that DuckDuckGo the privacy oriented search engine also has adverts. But unlike many other website out there, DuckDuckGo allows users to choose whether or not to see ads. Go to DuckDuckGo settings page . Navigate to the General tab. Go to the Advertisements setting and turn it off. Yes, it is that simple. But before you turn the ads off, remember that DuckDuckGo does not personalize your ads. As far as I have seen, they were no animated or video ads that consume your data. They are mostly text based ads. So why should you turn them off? The ads look like search results. If you are setting DuckDuckGo as the default search engine for your parent or relative who might mistake an Ad for search result, you could turn it off. You don't like ads ion general. However in this case it is likely that you already have an adblocker in your browser.