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How to turn off Animations in MIUI 12?

MIUI 12 introduced a lot of animations within apps across the system UI. For example, navigating to the battery settings will show an animation where a battery is filled till the current level. There are also a lot of animations while switching between apps, minimising app, launching app, going back in Settings, etc... While these animations do look nice, they can make a low end mobile phone slower. You can set a system preference to remove animations which will in turn most of these animations. Some UI elements like the About page will still show some animations. Not all the System elements respect this setting, but it works across most apps. To turn off these animations, Go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Accessibility Select Vision from the top header. Under Display section, Turn on Remove animations. Screenshot of the Setting Page

How to reduce data usage in YouTube mobile app?

There are a few settings you can tweak on the YouTube app to reduce the data usage other than reducing the video quality. Here is a list of those settings, Turn off AutoPlay If you are reading this article then there is a good chance that you have already done this. Turning off AutoPlay prevents YouTube from automatically playing the next video. To turn off AutoPlay go to, Settings -> AutoPlay  and turn off AutoPlay . Turn off Muted playbacks Have you noticed that when you are looking at a video thumbnail for a few seconds, a video starts to play in place of the thumbnail. This is called muted playback. This is designed to show a preview of the video you might be interested in, but it consumes considerable amount of data. You can turn this feature off in the settings or restrict it to WiFi. Go to Settings in the YouTube app. Navigate to General Settings and select Muted Playback in feeds. Choose from of the three options - Always On, WiFi only or Off. Limit Video Quality

Solved: Spotify Player icons not displayed properly in MIUI dark mode

 Are you facing issues where the media controls in Spotify are not rendered correctly in Redmi smartphones running MIUI 12 & above? This is due to a feature called Enhanced Dark Mode in MIUI 12.  This feature tries to implement dark mode across various apps that don't even have a dark & light mode. This is what breaks the controls in Spotify. If you notice carefully, you'll see that the media controls are indeed there but the seek bar is a black dial on a black bar with black background making it invisible at first glance. The Play button is a white icon on a white background also making it invisible. Here is how to fix this issue Open the Settings app. Go to Display -> More Dark Mode options . Here under Individual apps turn off the Enhanced dark mode for Spotify.

Solved: "Choose update package" or "Install" option not showing in MIUI

There are two options to install a locally downloaded package in a Redmi phone. One is to select "Choose update package" option from the software updater. Another is to use the "Install" option from the fastboot menu. But in some cases you will notice that both of these options are not displayed on your mobile. How to get those options displayed? In the case of software updater, Open the software updater and click on the MIUI icon 7 times. Now you should see the advanced option such as "Choose update package" & "Reboot to Recovery mode" As for the "Install" option in the Fastboot recovery menu, follow the above steps and also make sure that the update package is name and is located in the root of the internal storage. Useful links 1. How to Install Android Updates on Xiaomi, Mi, and Redmi smartphones | XDA Developers