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How to save bandwidth in Windows 10 using delivery optimization?

Delivery Optimization is a Windows 10 feature that improves the Windows update experience. It is extremely useful when you have a local network with multiple computers running Windows 10. The settings app says the following about Delivery optimization, If you have an unreliable internet connection or updating multiple devices, allowing downloads from other PCs can help speed up the process. What exactly does delivery optimization do? In a nutshell, it downloads updates from PC in your network(or internet depending on your setting) in addition to Microsoft's servers. Here is how it works, You have a laptop and a PC both connected to your home network. Your laptop downloads a Windows update or a app update from Windows Store which incurs data charges & bandwidth. If the delivery optimization is turned on, the laptop will now store the downloaded update files for n number of days. When the PC that is connected to the same WiFi as your laptop needs to download that update, it will